Special Issues

All participants are invited to submit manuscripts to special issues in peer reviewed journals following the 9th Conference on Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement.

The Clay Conference 2024 will demonstrate the richness and high scientific quality of the works conducted on clays in natural and engineered barriers for radioactive waste confinement. Therefore, the Scientific Committee offers to all authors (both poster and oral presentations) to work towards publication in special issues of Environmental Earth Sciences, Applied Clay Science and a special publication from the Geological Society of London. These contributions will have to be submitted as full papers and will be published after a regular peer review process.

Applied Clay Science

Applied Clay Science special issue will highlight important contributions to this topic in the fields related studies of mineralogy, geochemistry, transport and retention properties of clayey materials. Read more on the ACS website (external link)

Environmental Earth Sciences

Environmental Earth Sciences special issue will publish original and relevant contributions to the topics related to THMC-coupled processes in clay host rock and bentonite barrier material, as well as hydro-mechanical and gas transport processes during the excavation, operational and post-closure phases. Multi-scale studies are particularly welcome.
Read more on the EES website (external link)

Geological Society of London special publication

Geological Society of London special publication will illustrate the diversity of geological repository research, covering many of the aspects of clay characterization and behaviour at various temporal and spatial scales relevant to the confinement of radionuclides in clay, from basic phenomenological process descriptions to the global understanding of performance and safety at repository and geological scales. Read more on the Geological Society of London special publication website (external link)

Editors of the Special Issues

  • Mieke de Craen – EIG Euridice – Belgium
  • Wei-Min Ye – Tongji University Shanghai – China
  • Christophe Tournassat – University of Orléans – France
  • Wiebke Baille – Ruhr University Bochum – Germany
  • Reiner Dohrmann – BGR – Germany
  • Olaf Kolditz – UFZ Leipzig/Halle – Germany
  • Thorsten Schäfer – University Jena – Germany
  • María Victoria Villar – CIEMAT – Spain
  • Simon Norris – NWS – UK
  • Jens Birkholzer – LBNL – USA